Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Art Inspires Interpretive Signs

Seattle's International District interprets the neighborhood's diverse community history through a series (Pathways to Pride) of silver and bronze plaques developed several years ago by Wing Luke Asian Museum.

The plaques blend beautiful art work with quotes, cultural elements and historical references.

Journey through Seattle's Chinatown-International District by visiting the bronze and silver plaques that identify key landmarks and share more information about the District. Along this pathway, you will uncover a rich part of Seattle's history, explore a community, share in its struggles and triumphs, and celebrate the diversity that enriches the lives of us all. Pathways to Pride Walking Tour Brochure

The above image shows the entire "Reflections" plaque. This image shows a more detailed view of the upper half of the plaque.

And here is the lower half of the plaque in greater detail.

These plaques are a beautiful and elegant way to interpret the stories of a neighborhood or community.